Cryolipolysis for belly fat

Do you want to get rid of your belly fat? Then freezing belly fat might be just right for you! This way, you can remove your belly fat in a painless, safe, and effective manner. Freezing belly fat is also known as cryolipolysis. During this treatment, localized fat is frozen, causing the fat cells to die off and be eliminated by your body. It's a way to permanently lose some weight.

Cryolipolysis is not a surgical procedure, so there's no recovery time. After the treatment, you can easily resume your daily activities. But how does a cryolipolysis treatment work exactly?

During a cryolipolysis treatment, your fat is exposed to extreme cold. This triggers a natural process that will make the fat layer thinner. When the fat cells are frozen, they are naturally eliminated, and you'll see a visible difference in fat loss. Often, you need to undergo multiple treatments before you start to see the difference. These treatments are usually spaced about 8 to 12 weeks apart. You'll notice a difference after 3 to 5 weeks. Typically, 2 to 3 treatments are sufficient.

Since your body naturally eliminates fat cells, you won't experience any discomfort. You get rid of the frozen fat cells quickly and easily. It's a gradual process that significantly reduces the number of fat cells. After your treatment, you'll see a noticeable improvement within a few weeks!"
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Costs fat freezing

A highly effective treatment to reduce belly fat!

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If you want to freeze your belly fat, the broken-down fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body. It's a highly effective treatment for subcutaneous fat cells. One significant advantage is that coolsculpting treatment is also painless. Only fat cells within the treated area are naturally removed. Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to preserving the results. After all, you don't want loose skin!

Through this non-invasive treatment, fat cells are frozen. Once we freeze your fat cells, your body eliminates them, helping you achieve a healthy weight more quickly. The cells reduce without the need for a treatment like liposuction. This method works well with a healthy diet, and the results remain visible for a longer time. Losing weight becomes much easier, and you'll quickly get rid of your belly fat. We're happy to provide you with personalized advice!
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Belly fat freezing experiences

The experiences of abdominal fat freezing are generally very positive. This is because once fat is removed, it never comes back. Fat freezing is permanent. Many people see this as a very big advantage. Besides freezing your belly fat and getting a nice result in return, it is important that you keep eating healthy and exercising. This way, you will keep your belly in nice shape and you won't have to worry about fat occurring in other places. If you opt for cryolipolysis treatment and also maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will ensure a great result. For anyone who still really wants to lose those last rolls of fat, cryolipolysis is a perfect option! After the treatment, you will discuss with your practitioner what you can do to keep the results as beautiful as possible. He or she can tell you exactly what are good choices and bad choices.

Through rapid cooling, we ensure lasting results. We will make fat cells disappear, however, healthy diet is important to maintain the desired result. In most cases, you will need several treatment sessions. We can also treat other areas, such as the double chin, legs or buttocks.

What is good to know is that if you have a lower BMI than 32 you are eligible for abdominal fat freezing treatment. If your BMI is higher than 32, unfortunately you cannot undergo treatment due to health reasons. When this is the case, you must try to lose weight so much yourself to qualify.
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Benefits of fat freezing

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A number of benefits of cryolipolysis have already been mentioned, but here you can read them all again. After all, there are quite a few!

Firstly, the results are visible quite quickly. You will see the result after only 3 to 5 weeks. In addition, your fat is gone for good and there is no risk of it reappearing in the same place. Also, the treatment is easy to do. You won't feel any pain and they don't work with anaesthetics. So you do not have to worry about any recovery time and you can immediately get back to your daily activities.

If you still have some doubts about belly fat freezing, you can read here why you should just give it a try. First of all, freezing belly fat fits very well with a healthy lifestyle. You can still exercise so much and eat so healthily, but getting rid of the last ridge of fat is sometimes difficult. A cryolipolysis treatment can help you get rid of that last bit. That does give a lot of motivation to inquire about it, doesn't it!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fat freezing?

The result of the cryolipolysis treatment is quickly visible. The first result can be seen as early as 3 weeks after the treatment.
There is no recovery time. After the treatment you can immediately resume your daily activities.
After cryolipolysis, the fat disappears permanently. This is naturally disposed.
No anesthesia is required for the treatment and the treatment is painless. Freezing fat cells is painless.
Fat can be removed locally, which is not possible with exercise and a diet. Freezing fat cells is therefore ideal.
With cryolipolysis, the body itself is put to work. The fat cells that die after the cooling process are naturally removed by the body.
The Clatuu Alpha machine works very efficiently due to the unique 360° cooling technique that ensures that all fat cells in the place where the treatment is performed are cooled equally.
The disadvantages of fat freezing are minimal. Only the skin can feel a bit sensitive, look a little red or you can have bruises. This will disappear quickly.
During the first 5 minutes of the treatment you may experience a tingling, squeezing or burning sensation. This feeling disappears in the course of the cryolipolysis treatment.
There must be at least 8 weeks between two cryolipolysis treatments.

Customer reviews fat freezing

'Thanks to cryolipolysis, I got rid of stubborn belly fat'

"Result after the first time already"

"It really doesn't hurt"

Frequently asked questions fat freezing

What is fat freezing?
Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is a proven and safe method of permanently removing fat cells. The skin with excess fat cells is exposed to a constant temperature of -9°. As a result, the fat cells crystallise at that spot, die off and are broken down by the body. This happens naturally: you urinate out the broken-down cells. The fat cells are permanently removed. After 3-5 weeks, you start to see the first results. Fat freezing is the most effective and non-invasive way to get rid of unwanted fat.
Why choose fat freezing?
Cryolipolysis is the safest and most effective way for permanent fat loss. It is the ideal solution for fat loss. Fat freezing allows you to lose fat in a targeted and localised way. The fat cells drained after the treatments do not return. Despite dieting, exercising or a healthy lifestyle, it can be very difficult to get rid of fat. This treatment is non-invasive. That means no needles, injections or anaesthetics are used. The skin remains intact. After the treatment, you can resume your daily activities as usual!
Is fat freezing dangerous with the Clatuu Alpha?
Fat freezing is the safest way of fat removal, so it is not dangerous. There is no need to cut or puncture. There is also no need for anaesthesia as the treatment is painless. The skin is protected by using high-quality gel pads during the procedure. Only the fat cells are targeted as specifically the fat cells are hypersensitive to cold. The other cells, skin and organs are neither damaged nor adversely affected by fat freezing.

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