Fat freezing costs

Before a fat freezing treatment, you first come for a consultation. This consultation is free and non-binding. During the consultation, your wishes are discussed and a treatment plan is drawn up, along with the associated costs. The exact cost depends on a number of factors.

These factors include the area to be treated, the number of treatments required and, of course, your situation and health. We also look at what is possible and what results you want to achieve. So the costs differ per person. You will be informed about this during the consultation.
The cost for a treatment with 1 placement/treatment head is from 250
The cost for a treatment with 2 placements/treatment heads is 500.

Lowest price guarantee

At RB Clinics, you always pay the best price. We guarantee the lowest price. If you have a quote from another medical provider, we will match the price!
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Customer reviews fat freezing

'Thanks to cryolipolysis, I got rid of stubborn belly fat'

'Result after the first time already'

'It really doesn't hurt'

High-quality and safe equipment

After a year-long study by RB Clinics, the Clatuu Alpha was found to be the best and most advanced cryolipolysis device on the current market. RB Clinics offers its customers quality and safety. These values are of paramount importance to us. The device is FDA and CE approved and medically sound, making the treatment extremely safe. The device is also regularly checked and tested by various certified institutions.
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Frequently asked questions about fat freezing and skin tightening

What is fat freezing?
Fat freezing or cryolipolysis is a proven and safe method to permanently remove fat cells. The skin with excess fat cells is exposed to a constant temperature of -9°. This causes the fat cells to crystallize in that area, die and are broken down by the body. This happens naturally: you pee out the broken down cells. The fat cells are permanently removed. After 3-5 weeks you will start to see the first results. Freezing fat is the most effective and non-invasive way to get rid of unwanted fat.
Why choose fat freezing?
Cryolipolysis is the safest and the most effective way to lose fat permanently. It’s the ideal solution for fat loss. By freezing fat, you can target and lose local fat. The fat cells that are removed after the treatment will not come back. Despite dieting, sporting or a healthy lifestyle it can be very difficult to get rid of unwanted fat. This treatment is non-invasive. That includes no needles, injections or anesthetics. The skin remains intact. You can resume your daily activities after the treatment.
Is fat freezing dangerous with the Clatuu Alpha?
Fat freezing is the safest way to get rid of your fat, so no it’s not dangerous. No anesthesia is required as the treatment is painless. The skin is protected by the use of high-quality gel pads. Merely the fat cells are tackled because only the fat cells are hypersensitive to cold. The other cells, skin and organs are not damaged or adversely affected by fat freezing.
What is skin tightening with the Indiba Edna Pro Max?
Skin tightening using the Indiba Edna Pro Max is a non-invasive treatment that uses radio frequency energy that naturally tightens, firms and rejuvenates the skin. The radio frequency heats and charges the skin tissue by moving an applicator over the skin. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn leads to an improved and firmer skin structure and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. A radiofrequency treatment with the Indiba is a fast, safe and effective solution for skin tightening with long-lasting results.
Is skin tightening dangerous or painful with the Indiba Edna Pro Max?
Skin tightening with the Indiba is a completely safe and natural way of skin rejuvenation. The device is FDA and CE approved. The treatment is non-invasive and no damage is done during the treatment. This also makes the treatment completely painless. The treatment is actually experienced as soothing.
Does skin tightening with the Indiba Edna Pro Max really work?
The treatment really works and the results speak for themselves. Skin rejuvenation based on radiofrequency has been scientifically proven. Radiofrequency radiation targets the connective tissue in the deeper layers of the skin. In response, the skin tightens. The Indiba is the most effective and powerful radio frequency device on the market today.

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