Frequently asked questions fat freezing and skin tightening

What is fat freezing?
Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is a proven and safe method of permanently removing fat cells. The skin with excess fat cells is exposed to a constant temperature of -9°. As a result, the fat cells crystallise at that spot, die off and are broken down by the body. This happens naturally: you urinate out the broken-down cells. The fat cells are permanently removed. After 3-5 weeks, you start to see the first results. Fat freezing is the most effective and non-invasive way to get rid of unwanted fat.
Why choose fat freezing?
Cryolipolysis is the safest and most effective way for permanent fat loss. It is the ideal solution for fat loss. Fat freezing allows you to lose fat in a targeted and localised way. The fat cells drained after the treatments do not return. Despite dieting, exercising or a healthy lifestyle, it can be very difficult to get rid of fat. This treatment is non-invasive. That means no needles, injections or anaesthetics are used. The skin remains intact. After the treatment, you can resume your daily activities as usual!
Is fat freezing dangerous with the Clatuu Alpha?
Fat freezing is the safest way of fat removal, so it is not dangerous. There is no need to cut or puncture. There is also no need for anaesthesia as the treatment is painless. The skin is protected by using high-quality gel pads during the procedure. Only the fat cells are targeted as specifically the fat cells are hypersensitive to cold. The other cells, skin and organs are neither damaged nor adversely affected by fat freezing.
Does fat freezing really work?
Cryolipolysis with the Clatuu Alpha really works. Research by Harvard Medical School has shown that fat cells die off with constant cooling. The effect is thus scientifically proven. Also, we have undergone the treatment ourselves and experienced its amazing results.
Am I a suitable candidate for fat freezing?
Whether you qualify for cryolipolysis depends on a number of factors. Your BMI score is the most important factor. In principle, with a BMI of 32 or higher, you cannot be treated. During the consultation, your health, medical history and wishes are discussed. On this basis, we determine whether you qualify for fat freezing.

Fat freezing is for any person who wants to get rid of unwanted fat. This can be just a minimal roll of fat, as well as excess fat.
What can I expect from the free consultation?
During the free consultation, we will map out a personalised treatment plan based on your wishes and associated costs. We look at the area you wish to have treated and take the time to answer all your questions. After this consultation, you can choose to start your fat freezing process or not.
How does a cryolipolysis treatment work?
Before treatment, before photos are taken so that later it is easy to see the difference between before and after. The treatment then starts by marking the area to be treated. A gel pad is then applied to the marked area. This gel pad protects the skin from the cold. The treatment heads are then placed on the body. For 50 minutes, you can work, watch TV or relax. After the treatment is finished, the treatment heads are taken off. The treated area is massaged intensively for 2 minutes to loosen the crystallised fat cells. After this, you can get dressed again and resume your daily activities.
How long does a cryolipolysis treatment take?
A cryolipolysis treatment with the Clatuu Alpha takes about 50 min. This does not include the preparatory steps such as putting on and removing clothes, marking the skin, placing the treatment heads and the massage. You can therefore expect a total of about an hour.
What will I feel during the treatment?
In the first few minutes after the treatment heads are placed on the body, you may experience a pulling and/or tingling sensation where the headpieces are. This is because the skin is sucked into the headpieces and cooled with a temperature of -9°C. After about 5 minutes, this feeling subsides and you can continue reading, listening to music or working in peace. You no longer feel anything at the treatment sites at this point. A cryolipolysis treatment is perceived by many as painless.
When will the results be visible after treatment?
After the first treatment, results can be seen after just 3 to 5 weeks. Up to 12 weeks after treatment, you can gradually see the fat reduced in the problem area as the body drains the fat cells.
Is there a recovery time after the treatment?
There is no recovery time after treatment. You can simply resume your daily activities after the treatment. This treatment does not restrict your daily activities.
How do I make sure the results are lasting?
The fat cells are permanently drained. The result is therefore permanent. Of course, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Which areas can be treated with cryolipolysis?
Fat loss through cryolipolysis can be addressed from chin to knee. You can contact us for:

- Double chin
- Arms- Chest
- Waist
- Abdomen
- Back and bra fat
- Lovehandles
- Hips
- Knees
Are all cryolipolysis devices the same?
No, unfortunately not all cryolipolysis devices are the same. Not every device is registered and approved as safe. RB Clinics works with the Clatuu Alpha. This is the most advanced device currently available on the market that provides the most effective results. It features 360° cooling technology and an intense vacuum effect that allows every fat cell to be targeted.
Is the Clatuu Alpha a suitable device for fat freezing?
The Clatuu Alpha is the most suitable device for fat freezing. The Clatuu Alpha is the most advanced cryolipolysis device and stands out from all others on the market. We work with the safest equipment available on the current cryolipolysis market. The Clatuu Alpha is CE & FDA certified and is medically sound.
How can I best prepare for the treatment?
To achieve optimal and long-term results, make sure you do not ingest alcohol or consume too much caffeine at least 24 hours before the treatment. In addition, it is useful to wear comfortable and not too tight-fitting clothes. You can possibly bring your laptop or a book to work for 50 minutes or entertain yourself if you don't want to watch TV in the treatment room.
How does RB Clinics differ from other cryolipolysis clinics?
RB Clinics works with the high-quality device the Clatuu Alpha. This device is the most advanced and safest device for these treatments which also ensures effective and definitive results. The Clatuu has a 360° cooling technology that allows you to permanently lose up to 30% of fat cells per treatment with the first results already from 3-5 weeks after the treatment!

Moreover, RB Clinics does intensive and extensive research in this field to offer you the best expertise. We take time for each client and are very personally involved in the treatments. Personal attention is central at RB Clinics. We are aware that every individual is different and has different wishes. It's all about you and your overall health. We believe that every person deserves to be the best version of themselves.

Finally, we do our best to make the treatment a soothing experience. From the moment you enter until you leave the clinic, we want to pamper you and provide top service.
Why is fat freezing pricey?
Cryolipolysis is a scientifically proven method is that permanently removes fat through freezing. It is an innovative technique that can be safely applied by advanced and certified equipment. For good end results and safe treatment, it is important that it is performed by qualified specialists.

The Clatuu Alpha that RB Clinics works with is the most advanced and newest device on the current market. The Clatuu has 2 treatment heads allowing 2 zones to be treated at the same time. You need fewer treatments this way. So you finish faster and save time. In addition, the Clatuu heads contain a unique 360° cooling technology that targets every fat cell.

All in all, you're still relatively cheaper at RB Clinics.
When can I undergo a cryolipolysis treatment?
You can undergo cryolipolysis treatment if you are 18 years or older and have a BMI of no more than 32. The treatment can be performed on both men and women. The treatment is designed for targeted fat loss.
When can I not undergo a cryolipolysis treatment?
Cryolipolysis should not be performed on obese or severely overweight people. In a number of medical conditions such as: Donath-Landsteiner syndrome, cryoglobulinemia and extreme sensitivity to cold (Raynaud's disease or cold urticaria), the treatment should also not be performed. Also, this treatment should not be performed on skin with any form of skin injury or severe varicose veins.
When is the result visible after fat freezing?
After the first treatment, results are visible after just 3 to 5 weeks. Up to 12 weeks after treatment, you can gradually see the fat diminishing as the body drains the fat cells.
Can I get skin sagging from fat freezing?
A small layer of fat cells is broken down after each treatment.The removal of fat cells is slow, giving the skin enough time to stretch with it. The cold even causes collagen to be produced. This promotes skin elasticity.
Does fat freezing also have side effects?
After treatment, the area that has been treated may be somewhat sensitive. There may also be bruising or redness. This is quite normal and will quickly subside.
What are the costs of a fat freeze treatment?
The cost of a fat freezing treatment starts from 200. We look at the body in zones. The cost for 1 zone/placement is 200,-. The cost for 2 zones/placements is 400,-. During the consultation, we look at how many zones you want to have treated, how many treatments are needed and what your wishes are. Based on this, the total cost will be told. Should several treatments be needed, we offer advantageous package prices. You can also pay in instalments. After the consultation, you can schedule your appointment for your first treatment.

What is skin tightening with the Indiba Edna Pro Max?
Skin tightening using the Indiba Edna Pro Max is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy that naturally tightens, firms and rejuvenates the skin. The radiofrequency heats and charges the skin tissue by moving an applicator over the skin. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn leads to an improved and firmer skin texture and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. A radiofrequency treatment with the Indiba is a quick, safe and effective solution for skin tightening with long-term results.
Is skin tightening dangerous or painful with the Indiba Edna Pro Max?
Skin tightening with the Indiba is a totally safe and natural way of skin rejuvenation. The device is FDA and CE approved. The treatment is non-invasive and no damage is done during the treatment. As a result, the treatment is also totally painless. On the contrary, the treatment is perceived as soothing.
Does skin tightening with the Indiba Edna Pro Max really work?
The treatment really works and the results speak for themselves. Skin rejuvenation based on radiofrequency is scientifically proven. Radiofrequency radiation targets connective tissue in the deeper skin layers. In response, the skin tightens. The Indiba is the most effective and powerful radio frequency device on the market today.
How does the Indiba differentiate itself in terms of radio frequency?
The advanced technology with the Indiba Edna Pro Max is unique because the radio frequency energy works at a constant depth of 448 kHz. Because this wavelength of radio frequency is constant and works into the deeper skin layers, you achieve the best results and the Indiba stands out from all other existing radio frequency methods.
Am I a suitable candidate for skin tightening?
Anyone who wants tighter and rejuvenated skin is a suitable candidate for skin tightening no matter what skin type you have. The treatment can be performed on anyone both on the face and body. Do you want to get rid of facial wrinkles, tired eyes or tight upper legs or tummy, for example? It is all possible. The treatment can be applied from head to toe. If in doubt, you can always schedule a free consultation appointment first and be advised by a specialist.
How does a treatment work?
The duration of the treatment depends on which area you treat. During the treatment, a cream is first applied to the treatment area. Then an applicator goes over the same area in circulating motions. The treatment feels warm and has a soothing effect.
When will the result be visible?
The results of a skin tightening treatment with the Indiba Edna Pro Max can often be seen immediately after the first treatment. An immediate tightening of the skin is then already visible. For long-lasting and most effective results, a course of 6 treatments is advised.
How many treatments do I need?
A course of 6 treatments is recommended for the most effective and long-lasting results. There is about 5-10 days time between each treatment.
Is there any recovery time or side effects after the treatment?
There is no recovery time or side effects after the treatment. You don't have to worry about anything because no damage is made in the skin.
How do I make sure the results are lasting?
By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and repeating the treatment on time, the results will be permanent. Maintenance is always needed with any kind of skin tightening treatment. In every person, it varies when you need to repeat the treatment. It depends on your age and lifestyle, among other things. After the last treatment is over, wait a few months and see when another maintenance treatment is needed. This is then not a cure, of course, but just a maintenance treatment.
Are the results permanent after the cure?
The results after treatment with the Indiba Edna Pro Max are long-lasting, however, due to the natural ageing process, the skin may show new signs of ageing over time.
Can the treatment reduce cellulite?
The treatment can certainly reduce cellulite by tightening and firming the skin through the radiofrequency energy.
Which areas can be addressed with skin tightening?
All areas from head to toe can be addressed! All areas on the face and body can be treated with the Indiba.
Are all skin tightening or radio frequency devices the same?
Not all skin tightening devices are the same. Different treatments and devices work with different methods. The device should be FDA and CE approved. Besides, the nice thing about radiofrequency is that no damage is made in the skin so there is also no recovery time present. In terms of radiofrequency, the Indiba Edna Pro Max is the most powerful and effective radiofrequency device on the current market given that the energy operates at a constant depth of 448 kHz. This wavelength of radiofrequency is constant and works into the deeper skin layers.
Is a course of treatment with the Indiba Edna Pro Max a substitute for injectables?
The treatments are a natural and safe alternative and thus a replacement for injectables. No surgery or injections are needed for tightened skin. As a result, radiofrequency is safe and there is no recovery time.